Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 184

I never cease to be amazed "how things never change." Every time that I think we have made some progress and things are "new" or "better" I find something in Jane's writings that describe things or people in her day that are the same as in today's world. Here is a for instance from her brother's periodical "The Loiterer" number 22:

My Readers can have no idea of the multifarious Amusement, which a Course of Reading of this kind will afford. They will find the utile, the dulce, the Turpe, all blended together into a curious Medley. In a corner of the same Paper, which contains the strenuous exertions of the Supporters of the Bill for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, of Sir Joseph Andrews, Dr. Hawes, and the Humane Society, for the comfort and preservation of mankind — the diabolical Assassin of the human species in Embrio, to the eternal disgrace of the Police of Great Britain, is permitted to hold out an infamous temptation to the basest of Murders: At the same time professing, that the strictest delicacy, honour, and secrecy, will upon every occasion be observed.

This issue is basically about advertisements in the newspapers. What astonished me was the inclusion of 'abortions' - as we call it today. I had no idea that such things were going on way back then. Sigh, the things I learn by studying all things Austen! You may read the entire issue HERE.

Linda the Librarian

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