Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 185

When in doubt of what to chose for a quote to post I always turn to Sense and Sensibility for inspiration. The relationship between Elinor and Marianne has always been a fascinating connection for me. I dont have any brothers or sisters so I suppose it always led me to wonder what it would have been like to have a sister.

Anyway I have chosen a quote from the part in the novel when Marianne has found out about Elinor's love and near-heartbreak for Edward.

From chapter 37:

"How long has this been known to you, Elinor? has he written to you?"
"I have known it these four months. When Lucy first came to Barton Park last November, she told me in confidence of her engagement."
At these words, Marianne's eyes expressed the astonishment which her lips could not utter. After a pause of wonder, she exclaimed -
"Four months! - Have you known of this four months?"
Elinor confirmed it.
"What! while attending me in all my misery, has this been on your heart? and I have reproached you for being happy!"
"It was not fit that you should then know how much I was the reverse."

Elinor makes a habit of concealing her feelings and no one knows what she is really feeling, not even her closest confidants. As Marianne was showing her devastation over losing Willoughby, Elinor was helping her feel better and tending to her every need. This important conversation marks a turning point in the story when finally both sisters have confided in each other and their problems begin to slowly get better.

Have you ever had to be the strong one in a relationship, listening to anothers sorrow whilst you are crying inside?
Or perhaps you have confided your emotions with a close friend or family member without really having any idea of what they are going through themselves?

I think that we may all have been either Marianne or Elinor at some point.


Anonymous said...

I too am an only child! I have a dear friend who is actually quite close to Elinor's age and she always is looking out for me, much like Elinor would for Marianne. I realize that I am so lucky to have such a friend. We even call each other Elinor and Marianne for pet names. :) Thanks for sharing such a bittersweet portion of the book--I love it.

Another Regency girl stuck in the 21st century, Danielle

Linda Fern said...

Sisters! I have had the very good fortune to have a most beloved younger Sister - well, except for the time when we were very young, she could be trying at times - like when she tried on my lipstick!

I am also fortunate to have a very dear friend that I count as a sister also. Even though we are hundreds of miles apart, we do have the telephone, thank goodness.

So, dear Rachel and Icha, if you ever find yourself in need of a confidant/sister, please call me. I may be old enough to be your Mother, but in my mind and at heart I am still 16. Well, to prove that I am still 16 at heart, I am a "friend" as well as a "Grandma" to my 15 year old granddaughter. We sat up til midnight last night watching Lindsey Lohan on the TV in Saturday Night Live. Sigh, the things Grandmas have to do.

So, take care dear Sisters and I send

Love from
Linda the Librarian

Katherine said...

S&S is my favorite-I relate so much to Elinor. I love the compare & contrast of their relationship. I'm usually the one listening, even when I'm crying. :)

Icha said...

Ladies, fine ladies, my sincere apologies for ignoring to moderate the comments; I was taken ill (just cold and cough) earlier last week and had a mount of work waiting for me as I returned. So, I truly apologies for the late posting of the comments...

Icha said...

Linda dearest, I find you like my lost great aunt and so happy to have you as a confidant!

Only, a naughty question: so how did it go when your sister tried your lipstick? Do tell us more!

Linda Fern said...

Well, it's this way. My Younger sister - who was too young to really "wear" lipstick, made a mess out of my tube of lipstick. I was quite upset and let her know in no uncertain terms. She didn't do that again, thank goodness! She did grow up and get her own.

Linda the Librarian