Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tom Lefroy Quote Week 16

For this weekend, I choose a quote from the Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy which reminds me of simple but important things: family and union (marriage, I guess)(p. 134). The letter was to his wife (Mary Paul), dated 5th June 1841. In the beginning, he talked about the parliamentary vote that happened recently, but later he talked of this:
“… We have the greatest of earthly treasures in the bond of family love and union with which we are blessed, and this not as a gift of earth but sent down from heaven. As soon as I can I shall rejoice to spread my wings and to flee away to dear home.
I think Linda would love this quote. You always see Tom as a family man, don’t you, dear Linda? As for me, I’m doing overseas Skype with my significant other and also enjoy the fresh scent of my newly mopped home.
Enjoy the rest of your weekends, my dear friends.
Pic: Thomas Kinkade’s ‘Village Lighthouse’ (I LOVE his artworks!)


Rachel said...

Lovely quote Icha but GORGEOUS picture, perfect for the chosen quote.

Linda Fern said...

Yes, indeed, Rachel, I do love his pictures. And judging by the quote, I wondered if Tom had chosen to be a writer we would have some more books to rival Jane's, or should I say 'compliment' hers. Oh wonderful thought!

Excellent post, Icha.

Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian

Icha said...

Thank you Ladies. I love Kinkade's works... very poetic. And I love how serene Tom's letters can be.