Sunday, 5 February 2012

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 182

A couple of weeks ago I got 'hooked' on the subject of LOVE in "Mansfield Park", so now I will continue there in Chapter 38 today:

Fanny’s immediate concerns, as far as they involved Mr. Crawford, made no part of their conversation. William knew what had passed, and from his heart lamented that his sister’s feelings should be so cold towards a man whom he must consider as the first of human characters; but he was of an age to be all for love, and therefore unable to blame; and knowing her wish on the subject, he would not distress her by the slightest allusion.

Fanny's brother, William was being kind though he 'mistakenly' thought Mr. Crawford worthy of his sister, he bowed to her wish for "love". What I have discovered is that my copy of "Mansfield Park" is filled with highlight markings. I stand amazed at all the wonderful knowledge of worldly life that Jane had in those days. I guess we are not as smart as we thought, and they are not as 'dumb' as we thought. Always willing to learn, I remain,

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Linda the Librarian

Pic: A cover of
Mansfield Park

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