Sunday, 26 February 2012

Jane Austen music on radio!

Lily Miceli of 'InBetween The Music' has a radio show on a community frequency off of a WPR/NPR station in Wisconsin. Her shows are an hour with a theme that includes music,history and a bit of trivia.

One of her first shows was done on the music of Jane Austen. You can hear that show and others on her website. The show is listed near the bottom. Please go to

Thanks Lily for the info. Ladies and Gents, enjoy!


dbstevens said...

Hello, I love your site. Love, love it. I think you do a great job at presenting all sorts of angles on everyone's favorite author, Jane Austen, and it's for that reason I've used your link as a the voice of Jane on my post at:

I hope this brings you more traffic, more admirers, and that this is all okay? Let me know if it's not and I'll change things.


Icha said...

Thanks for the link. Perhaps you can edit it to the Pride and Prejudice category in this blog?

It would serve the purpose much better, IMO.

thanks again,

Rachel said...

Thanks dbstevens! Rachel

dbstevens said...

Sorry it took me a second to get back to this, but your suggestion for editing to the Pride and Prejudice category specifically was a really good one, and I've done that. Thanks for the easy link there.