Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 263

I wish to continue my quote from last week in The Loiterer Issue No. 29.  I got side tracked with the new discoveries from 200 years ago, so now I want to address the discussion as stated in the title of that issue "Absurdity of marrying from Affection."
The very next paragraph says:
Between two opinions so warmly urged and so strongly supported, it is not easy to fix any decision; but I must confess that however, in other respects, I may lean to the side of the young, (well knowing that their experience and coolness must nine times out of ten give them the advantage over their adversaries) yet in this one instance I must revolt to the other party; and shall in this paper endeavour to prove, that marrying from motives of affection is a very improper and absurd action, injurious to our own happiness as individuals, and detrimental to the interests of the community.
The writer goes on the "prove" his point which is interesting, but as a Southern American, I must admit that I had never thought about 'marriage' in this light.  So I hope to continue this series on "affection" in marriage, and see what happens.  As dear Jane says, "I leave it for you to determine."

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