Sunday, 26 May 2013

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 234

It is indeed a fine wall of books, is it not?
Because I have a granddaughter who loves to read as I did when I was her age, it brings to mind the Jane Austen saying about being a "great reader".  So I went looking in The Loiterer for a quote and found this in the No. 9 issue, supposedly written by Jane herself.
I write this to inform you that you are very much out of my good graces, and that, if you do not mend your manners, I shall soon drop your acquaintance.  You must know, Sir, I am a great reader, and not to mention some hundred volumes of Novels and Plays, have, in the last two summers, actually got through all the entertaining papers of our most celebrated periodical writers, from the Tatler and Spectator to the Microcosm and the Olla Podrida.  Indeed I love a periodical work beyond any thing, especially those in which one meets with a great many stories, and where the papers are not too long.  I assure you my heart beat with joy when I first heard of your publication, which I immediately sent for, and have taken in ever since.
I love the part where she lists the other Periodicals of the time which I have in recent years been collecting.  I am amazed at the amount of knowledge that was displayed in them that is so pertinent today.  What a challenge she has given us to at least try to keep up with her reading abilities.
You may read the entire Issue No. 9 HERE.  Enjoy.
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