Saturday, 2 May 2009

Emma 2009! Casting, News & Set Photos

Last November we blogged about rumours that the BBC were producing a mini-series of Emma for 2009. I am embarrassed to admit that I forgot about this project (yes, I know! my fave. Austen, too) but after googling Austen during the week, discovered that Emma 2009 is currently filming!

The cast is:

Romola Garai as Emma

Johnny Lee Miller as Knightley

Michael Gambon as Mr Woodhouse

Jodhi May as Mrs Weston

Christina Cole as Mrs Elton

Blake Ritson as Mr Elton

Rupert Evans as Frank Churchill

Louise Dylan as Harriet Smith

(more info at IMDB's Emma 2009 & BBC Press Release)

Thanks to AustenBlog for the head's up: here are some set photos: Emma Filming in Kent

Ironically enough some of these faces are not Austenly-unfamiliar: Johnny Lee Miller (Knightley) was Edmund Bertram in Mansfield Park 1999, and Blake Ritson (Elton) was Edmund Bertram in MP 2007. Christina Cole played Caroline Bingley in Lost in Austen.

It looks like it'll be four parts, 240 minutes, with a release date of October 2009.

So ... opinions?? It's a pretty 'young and sexy' lineup, I think. I'm a bit deflated by Garai as Emma to tell the truth, for I don't really like her as an actress, but I think she was marvelous in Atonement. Johnny Lee Miller? Couldn't believe it at first, but I am very curious. I love Michael Gambon. Not too hot on the look. The hair scares me. But still, more Austen to look forward too! (Should I say now that Beckinsale's Emma is my favourite?)

But ... the hair, Louisa!

Pic 1: Romola Garai as Emma (2009) from: Pemberley

Pic 2: Romola Garai and Jodhi May as Mrs Weston from: Pemberley


Icha said...

You're kidding! NO Richard Armitage?! Disappointment!!!

But I LOVE Romola Garai, so sorry to disagree (yet again) with you Michelle darling, but I love her in Amazing Grace, she was wonderful as Mrs. Wilberforce. And she was amazing in Atonement (with James McAvoy) and the older Inside I'm Dancing (also with JMA). Romola is a naturally witty girl, so I'm sure she can pull a great Emma!

Wow, Gambon. He's great in Amazing Grace too, though don't really like him in Harry Potter...

Not sure about the old Edmund Bertram tho, but Ms. Cole was amazing as Caroline Bingley in LIA, so I am looking forward to it.

mamma jakeline said...

Well Icha, at least we got Frederick from NS to look forward to. But No Richard is sad! I had looked forward to him as Knightley. Ah well, I'll keep on drooling in front of Robin Hood for now. At least Mr Elton is not so slimy but quite similar in looks as Alan Cummings. As for Romola... well, I liked her in Atonement as in Dirty Dancing - Havanna nights and well in everything I've seen her in... Not seen Inside I'm dancing yet.

Really looking forward to seeing this!

Hugs and kisses

Edward Lefroy said...

You might be interested to know that Jeffry (known in the family as Langlois) Lefroy, my 42 year old brother and gt gt gt grandson of Tom Lefroy, is working on this as an extra!

Icha said...

Edward, hi! Long time no chat, mate! Hope everything is alright with you and family!

Really... very interesting that your brother Jeffry is one of the extras. Pray tell, what is (was) he in the extra, so that I can try to spot him later on? ^_^