Saturday, 11 April 2009

The 2009 Regency World Awards!

Thanks to Linda, here we have the 2009 Regency World Awards by Jane Austen Centre in Bath, UK!

Voting will continue up to the 30th of June after which time the link will be closed. There are seven awards and the winners will be announced and awards presented at a black tie dinner event at the Hilton Hotel in Bath on Wednesday July 8th 2009.

The interesting thing is, in addition to picking up the best (or favourite) actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress, best adaptation, best JA-inspired book, etc, this year's Award also picks The Best Mr. Darcy EVER!

Well, am not really a fan of Mr. Darcy (I'm more of a Knightley/Brandon combo), but I was also happy to click one of the options, and keen to know who comes up the best! Though, perhaps the tally is a bit predictable anyway...

So, what are you waiting for Ladies and Gents? Click away!

Oh, and Happy Easter, everyone! May love, peace and harmony reign the Earth!

Pic: Lizzy playing piano, Darcy staring at her, poor C.E. Brook from