Saturday, 3 January 2009

Jane Austen Quote of the Week - Week 37

Dear friends - Happy New Year!!

I am excited to post the first quote of the new year and it's taken from one of Jane's letters, dated 24 December 1798, to Cassandra.

"You deserve a longer letter than this; but it is my unhappy fate seldom to treat people so well as they deserve."

And I must be a little tongue in cheek but far more in earnest and admit that I see myself in Jane's words - I do treat the friends closest to me (and usually only the people closest to me - isn't life weird) not half as well as they deserve ... So when I found this quote, it pulled me up short - for I have just 'bombed out' on my Team Jane friends shockingly for the past month or so - and I have a very guilty conscience right now! But her words have stirred up a new resolution for 2009 ...

I know now that I'm waffling, but she did it again. Jane caught me out with so much applicable truth. I love her. And I love you all! I hope the new year is very kind to you all, and that you enjoy the rest of the holiday season. I shall go and work on some NY resolutions which are less foolhardy than jumping off bridges and riding motorbikes ... the latter being the last to complete for this year. Yes!

Pic: Jane Austen by Jane Odiwe from: Jane Odiwe Blogspot

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Icha said...

Oh, I know you will re-emerge again from your cocoon this weekend to fulfill your monthly quote duty, so I wasn't so worried. I hope your XMas and New Year were great anyway, Michelle.

And I have to tell you that I plan to save to go to New Zealand for 2009 XMas (have to plan faaaar in advance), and it's to South Island, and thus you shalt be having a visitor from North QLD then, even just for a day!