Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

From our dearest video-maker Maria, Happy Birthday to You! And of course, from all of us too! 16 December 1775 - 16 December 2008; 233 years old, and still beautiful and proud!

Now, I haven't posted mine, and I will do that the end of the day. But after this one, I shall post Bilbo's and perhaps others too if anyone still want to email it to us. Michelle, where's yours? Still thinking what kind of note to play? :-D


mamma jakeline said...

I'm trying my best to make a new version of this one with my other software, I managed to kick start it and is like three parts finished, then it crashed again. *growls* In the mean time you have to make do with the ugly text in the middle...

hugs and kisses from Maria and Peanut

Anonymous said...

This was lovely, Maria!
I'm glad you were able to include clips from so many adaptations.

Infinity of Jane Love
XOXO & Hugs (special ones for little Peanut)

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