Sunday, 31 August 2008

Jane Austen Quote of the Week- Week Nineteen

I must apologise for this late posting- I have actually been in Ireland for the week visiting family. I am in love with the country. Since my visit last year on my Jane/Tom quest, I see it in a whole new way. Its a very special place with so much to offer. We went from Dublin to Galway and took in some of the ring of Kerry before returning from Cork. Absolutely beautiful. It is no wonder that Tom Lefroy chose to stay there to bring up his family. We drove through Limerick, Tom's birthplace, but unfortunately I did not have time to explore. I know that I will be returning very soon for I cannot keep away so I will be sure to continue the quest to find out more about our Tom and Jane.

Anyway at hand through my whole trip was my copy of Emma. I have therefore chosen to take quotes from Emma for this weeks selection. As I am late in posting and also because I simply cannot make a decision between so many fantastic quotes, I have chosen two for this week (sorry ladies for being cheeky!)

The relationship between the personalities of Emma and Mr Knightley is electric. My two quotes reflect this and they are both taken from the first section of the novel. The first is during their memorable altercation; Emma has interfered with Harriet's rejection of marriage from Mr Martin and Mr Knightley tells her straight how he disapproves:

"Upon my word, Emma, to hear you abusing the reason you have, is almost enough to make me think so too. Better be without sense than misapply it as you do."

Later, Emma (whilst now trying to match Harriet with Mr Elton) asks Mr Elton to help them write a riddle. Emma and Mr Knightley have still not fully made up and Mr Knightley, upon hearing this, states:

"Emma, you didn't ask me to contribute a riddle."

She retorts:

"Your entire personality is a riddle, Mr. Knightley. I thought you overqualified."

I love these two quotes and I dont think that the chemical relationship between Emma and Mr Knightley has been surpassed in any of Jane's other novels. This is of course my opinion and I am welcoming any discussion..........


Icha said...

Girl, Rachel, you drove down to LIMERICK?! Man! You HAVE to go there again when time and budget permits! I've been wanting to make a post about Limerick a year ago, but I was too busy that time (still now). But the port city is very very intriguing for me, so thank you for visiting Limerick. Pictures soon?

And yes, I LOVE Emma and Knightley! I know it's almost blasphemy, but I love them more than Darcy-Lizzy! Hehehe...

First quote: Ha! The snappy Knightley is in action!

Second one: Ooohhh! Now THAT's what I call 'TOUCHE!' Great work, Jane! Great pick, Rachel!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, those quotes are lovely. Standing alone it portrays the feelings, passion, closeness, and camaraderie between the two. You sum it up most appropriately thusly: “The relationship between the personalities of Emma and Mr. Knightley is electric.” So, I ask you, where is all that reticence and propriety between the sexes as we are wont to believe was so prevalent in those days. They appear quite ‘human’ to me.

It leads me to believe that Jane’s novels must be read many times to notice all these things. How much we miss on just one reading. What is so lovely is that we can discern so much more than what is merely said in a quote. I am looking forward to more “Emma” reading. Thanks!

Linda the Librarian

Michelle said...

Everytime I read a quote from Emma, I want to re-read it! I adore this novel. And these quotes - great choices, Rachel! One of my many favourites would have to be Knightley & Mrs Weston discussing Emma, from chapter 5:

Mrs Weston: 'How well she looked last night!'

'Oh! you would rather talk of her person than her mind, would you? Very well; I shall not attempt to deny Emma's being pretty.'

'Pretty! Say beautifulrather. Can you imagine any thing nearer perfect beauty than Emma altogether - face and figure?'

'I do not know what I could imagine, but I confess that I have seldom seen a face or figure more pleasing to me than her's. But I am a partial old friend.'

... I love to look at her.

I just love their casual discussion of her person, and Mr Knightley's matter-of-fact honesty. Adorable.