Saturday, 17 May 2008

WINNERS: The Jane Austen Regency World Awards

The results for the Jane Austen Regency World Awards have been announced!!

You can see the results on The Giftshop Page kindly spotted by Linda but I am pleased to announce that Becoming Jane won:

Best New Film Award

Best Actor for James McAvoy

Best Acress for Anne Hathaway

It is clear from the site that other winners include:

Mr and Mrs Darcy by Alexandra Potter for Best New Fiction- click here for our review

Andrew Davies for The Outstanding Contribution Award



mamma jakeline said...

What a shocker! ;) hehe NOT!

/tata from Maria (and peanut) in Sweden

Mr.galle said...

Hello, this brog is nice!!
I already link to this page.
If you don't mind. Please link to my blog this URL

Icha said...

Yay! We won!!! Million thanks to readers and faithful sisterhood of Team Jane, we won!

Tho I complain that the new DVD cover has no Anne in it, but I will buy it just for JMA's cover!

Oh, and I just spotted the link from JA Regency World front page
See the right side bar with NEW tag? Regency Award Winner.

Michelle said...

What! The Giftshop?! Weird! Congratulations to BJ, of course - and all the happy, dedicated voters. ;) I'm glad AD won, too. :) Thanks for posting, Rachel! (And Linda, for your eagle-eyes!)

PS: Icha, I haven't seen the new DVD cover, but I'm curious now. Geesh!

Icha said...

Click the Giftshop link Rachel provided us, M, and see how GORGEOUS JMA is!

mamma jakeline said...

I saw it (the cover that is) a while back actually... Am really considering to buy it just because of its cover...

/tata from Maria (and peanut) in Sweden

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy BJ, AH, and JM all won!! :D

Anonymous said...

was this actually an award ceremony that they attended?

Icha said...

Yup, there's an award ceremony, but I'm not sure if AH and JMA attended it. So sad... but at least BJ got 3 independent awards so far!