Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Reminder: JA Regency World Awards and BJ Fansite 1st Anniversary

Dear ladies and gents,

I would like to kindly remind you all of the upcoming deadline of the Jane Austen Regency World Awards for the favourite actor, actress and film of 2007, which is this Saturday, 10 May 2008. If you have not voted for Becoming Jane, Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy, it's time to click this link and vote for our favourites!

In addition, the 1st anniversary of Becoming Jane Fansite is coming up this 24 May, the very date Jane Austen moved to Winchester with Cassandra in 1817, where less than two months later she would leave this world for good. Hence, to celebrate the 1st birthday of our fansite, I would like to ask the opinions of all of you, of what we can do. Some ideas are:

1. Vote for the most popular Becoming Jane music video so far (linked to YouTube) for we have at least a hundred of them out there

2. A fan-art exhibition. I don't think voting for the best one will do, for we have only but a few fan-arts floating around

3. Article submission from fans on the ever-hot topic of Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy (so far, only Mariana has been a regular contributor here outside the Team Jane; thanks, Mariana!)

Any more ideas? Please don't hesitate to drop a comment, and we shall try to accommodate it.


mamma jakeline said...

Hello dearies. As promised I have done another BJ-fanvid. :) watch it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrlEA1rRxys
I do hope you like it, I tried to make it happier and more, I dunno, bouncy? :P Wanted them to have a happy ending.

/hugs from Maria in a very sunny Sweden (yey)

Anonymous said...

How about a voting for the favourite fanfiction on Jane and Tom? It might also encourage the writers to add more parts...

Just an idea :)


Icha said...

Was thinking about it too, Tine. I am a bit hesitant for I also write fanfic, and don't want to promote my own. But I will discuss it with Team Jane and it might come up as well. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anybody would really mind. I am liking your fics very much by the way and would apreciate an update immensely. *hint* :)