Sunday, 4 May 2008

Jane Austen Quote of the Week- Week Three

Mr Darcy has always remained one of my most intriguing Austen characters and from the first time I picked up Pride and Prejudice, the following line has made me chuckle and has remained imprinted on my brain:

"I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle."

- Mr Darcy, Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 58

Mr Darcy declares this near the closing of the novel when Elizabeth and himself reveal their true feelings for each other. Lizzy continues to thank him for his involvement in the Lydia situation and he is honest with her when he tells her that he loves her. I love this chapter!

I do not have an analysis of the quote; it is simply a representation of one of Jane Austen's lines that has touched me. Her characters are so superbly developed and we as readers become so passionate about them; forming opinions, feeling and bonds with them. I think that this quote just encapsulaes the misunderstood Mr Darcy that we all know and love.

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mamma jakeline said...

That is a good quote!

Here I am again with a bit of OT, I have finished my second Atonement fanvid ( and am working on another BJ-fanvid. Hope to share it with you soon.

My fanfic I remember love is up to part 26 (!) now. I did not plan for it to go on for so long, but my fans kept begging for more! And what don't we do for our fans? ;)

/tata from Maria in a sunny Sweden

Icha said...

Rachel dear, sorry for the late reply. Just got back from 4 days camping.

Anyway, great quote! I really think it's a melting moment for someone as selfish as Darcy to open up to you and admit that he is in love with you. I would melt down myself...