Sunday, 27 April 2008

Jane Austen Mini Survey- Part 2

Icha and I started this site almost a year ago and we still havent revealed the origins of our Jane Austen Love. I thought it important to keep Michelle's theme running so I took it upon myself to offer my own particular favourites. I also became aware of Austen from a young age. I remember my mum having a set of her books at my Nans house and I used to look at them with wonder- when I was very young, my main focus was simply an appreciation of the smell and set of books. I read Sense and Sensibility when I was 12 and then was captivated with Andrew Davies Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth. I was then hooked and have never looked back.

Favourite Book: Sense and Sensibility

Favourite Character: This is really tough. I love Colonel Brandon for his constant devotion. But Emma Woodhouse wins it for me for her independence and intelligence.

Favourite Hero/Heroine: Mr Knightley and Elizabeth Bennet (We try to be unique in our views but we cannot help but love her!)

Today's Favourite Quote: "I abhor every commonplace phrase by which wit is intended; and 'setting one's cap at a man', or 'making a conquest', are the most odious of all. Their tendency is gross and illiberal; and if their construction could ever be deemed clever, time has long ago destroyed all its ingenuity." - Marianne to Sir John in Sense and Sensibility

Favourite Adaptation: I dont think that many will differ in their opinions for this one. Ang Lee's 1996 Sense and Sensibility stands out for me- Kate Winslet as Marianne and Emma Thompson as Elinor was for me a triumph. The sense and sensibility of their characters was depicted perfectly.

Andrew Davies 1995 Pride and Prejudice was also brilliant. I just adore the Mr Collins portrayal!!

I have to say that of the three recent adaptations, I really liked Persuasion- I really felt a chemistry between Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth.

Thank you Jane for allowing my life to be more fulfilled from reading your words.

Any of you want to share your favourites....leave a comment below.

Pic 1 Sense and Sensibility site

Pic 2 Entertainment Site


Jon said...

thanks for your blog. It's been really wonderful.

Icha said...

Hi Jon, thank you back for coming in. Rachel dearest, sorry for the slow feedback, I've been moving abode this weekend and still today. I've finished it now... but I will go to Brisbane tomorrow, so might not post anything until Sunday.

Anyway, as Rachel reminds me, the BJ Fansite 1st anniversary is coming up. Our 'birthday' is 24 May... yes, very strange. It's the date of Jane Austen moving to Winchester for her health...

So what I mean is, what shall we do? Anyone up for a contest or something? Just throw your opinions and we will sort things up.

Jane hugs!