Tuesday, 29 May 2007

'Becoming Jane' fan-fictions

I just want to drop a note that there are currently three Becoming Jane fan-fictions on the www.fanfiction.net (please tell me that I'm wrong, and that there are more!), and I am glad to give the credit to Aspirer for writing the first BJ fan-fiction ever! Her fan-fiction, Tears, was published 1st of April 2007, just a few days after the premiere in Australia.

The second (Countenance So Beloved) and the third (Becoming Jane: the Vignette) are mine, beta-ed (edited) by Rachel Kingston. All the three fanfictions are available in the left side-bar, in the Fan-fiction section.

I will be so glad to receive any information of additional BJ fan-fictions, so that I can put the links here.

Pic: Jane Austen at her writing desk, Jane Austen Society of Buenos Aires

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