Sunday, 29 September 2013

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 248

Alan Rickman as my favourite Col. Brandon from Sense & Sensibility 1995

 I was looking for a quote about friendship just now when I was attracted to the bold quote below. I found it here; the expanded quote is from Pemberley. From Sense & Sensibility, Chapter 31, when my dear Colonel Brandon (the Alan Rickman version in my head) visited Elinor after Marianne received the horrible letter from Willoughby:

"I met Mrs. Jennings in Bond Street," said he, after the first salutation, "and she encouraged me to come on; and I was the more easily encouraged, because I thought it probable that I might find you alone, which I was very desirous of doing. My object -- my wish -- my sole wish in desiring it -- I hope, I believe it is -- is to be a means of giving comfort; -- no, I must not say comfort -- not present comfort -- but conviction, lasting conviction to your sister's mind. My regard for her, for yourself, for your mother -- will you allow me to prove it, by relating some circumstances, which nothing but a very sincere regard -- nothing but an earnest desire of being useful -- -. I think I am justified -- though where so many hours have been spent in convincing myself that I am right, is there not some reason to fear I may be wrong?" He stopped. 

"I understand you," said Elinor. "You have something to tell me of Mr. Willoughby, that will open his character farther. Your telling it will be the greatest act of friendship that can be shewn Marianne. My gratitude will be insured immediately by any information tending to that end, and hers must be gained by it in time. Pray, pray let me hear it." 

While we know it was the right thing for Brandon to disclose Willoughby's secrets, Brandon's words did leave me wondering. I hope I will remember it whenever I find myself trying so hard to prove that I'm right. I could be right, but who knows, I could be wrong too...

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