Saturday, 9 March 2013

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 225

I was reading some of Jane Austen's letters to her niece Fanny Knight and the following quote grabbed my attention. It is taken from letter 84 written on 23 March 1817.

"Do not oblige him to read any more. Have mercy on him, tell him the truth, and make him an apology. He and I should not in the least agree, of course, in our ideas of novels and heroines. Pictures of perfection, as you know, make me sick and wicked; but there is some very good sense in what he says, and I particularly respect him for wishing to think well of all young ladies; it shows an amiable and a delicate mind."

This week I have come across some people who are 'pictures of perfection' and it has left me with that feeling that Jane Austen describes. I felt guilty but upon reading this it made me feel much better and more normal!

A minute of perfection was worth the

Pic: Perfection

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