Monday, 5 November 2012

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 211

Here I go again! Off on another tangent! Here's the story. My dear Mother-in-law has been telling me about the benefits of drinking a glass of wine for many years, especially since she has done so for about 70 years herself. So I finally got around to trying a bottle lately and I did feel a difference. So what has that got to do with our dear Jane Austen, you may well ask. I went on a search through her brother James' Loiterer and found the following from Issue No. 14:

The Loiterer No. XIV

THOUGH I know not in what degree of estimation, you have been accustomed to hold the science of Alchymy, yet as the author of every useful invention has a claim on the attention of the candid and liberal, I have made choice of your paper, as the vehicle, to impart to my countrymen a discovery, which has for its object the health and happiness of some thousands of his Majesty's subjects.

You must know, sir, it was ever my opinion that there did exist such an universal panacea, as should not only cure all diseases indecent to the human body, and prolong life to its utmost period, but should be equally beneficial to our mental, as to our corporeal powers; should make us not only healthy, strong, and bold, but also learned, sagacious, and witty. In pursuance of this idea, I have devoted many years to the discovery of this valuable secret; have persevered in my search, in spite of the contempt of the prejudiced, and the laughter of the gay; and now think the attention of my past life well rewarded, in being enabled to impart to my friends a secret, which will promote the happiness of theirs, and which (unlike the generality of modern projectors) I shall generously communicate to the public, without any subscription whatever.

Know then, sir, and tell your readers, that this inestimable medicine, so long sought in vain, that its existence is almost become doubtful, is neither more nor less than port wine— which, I will venture to say, if taken in proper quantities, will answer every purpose of an universal medicine, and be found a most perfect restorative in all diseases both of body and mind.


Please pardon the long quote, namely the first 3 paragraphs, because it addresses the question about the benefits of a glass of port wine. My only problem is trying to decide whether or not James includes a bit of satire or whether he is very serious about it. I did a search of Jane's novels and Lo and Behold! she includes quite a bit of wine drinking!

You may read the rest of the issue HERE and make a determination for yourself.

Now - the bottom line is this: how many other things/foods are out there that we are not aware of that may possibly be beneficial to us? I will give you just one example in my own life, well, maybe two.

I am in the middle of reading "Alzheimer's disease, what if there was a cure?: the story of ketones" by Mary T. Newport. She is recommending the use of coconut oil (so far as I have read yet) and she gives quite a medical/scientific explanation - which is hard for this limited scientific mind to grasp. So this morning I made some quinoa and added some coconut oil. I will get back to you on the results in a month or so.

As a matter of fact it is only in the last year or so that I have discovered other things such as quinoa and tulsi tea from my friends who come from other countries. Thanks, Icha, for the tea recommendation, it works! As I said, how many other things do we need to know about? Please feel free to make recommendations.

Yrs aff'ly,

Linda the Librarian   Pic: Port bottle

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