Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tom Lefroy Quote - Week 20

What I have discovered is of such major importance that I shall take this week and next week to post quotes for our Tom file.

It all started with Rachel's Tom quote for April 14th 2012. So, this week I will simply be setting up my thoughts to be concluded next week.

First, Rachel used the words "context of the Christian religion" which made me want to read the "context" - meaning the entire Part 8 - which I did. And WOW - I was completely blown away! I was astounded with the understanding that Tom had achieved. Then I began to notice some bits and pieces, that when put together, make quite a Jane/Tom story. But first, let me make a request that if you can find a few minutes/hours, please read the entire Part 8. This is necessary to understand the story. To get you all started, please allow me to quote the first sentence of Part 8:

The feature of his character in private life, which was most generally observed by those who enjoyed an intimate acquaintance with him, was his love for the study of Scripture, and the tendency of his mind to lead conversation to the discussion or consideration of Scriptural subjects: and, perhaps, in no way was the closeness of his walk with God so fully manifest, as in the happiness with which he looked forward to the Sunday, and the refreshment he always felt in the religious observances of the Lord's Day.

You can find the entire Memoir on line HERE

You may find it best to choose the PDF file on the left side to download to read it. The part for this discussion begins on page 340 and is called Chapter XI. You may wish to Google 'Books' for other sites. As a matter of fact, I am so impressed that I am considering adding that chapter to my own web site for convenience sake. To be continued.

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