Friday, 17 December 2010

Jane Austen Quote of the Week - Week 136

This week was meant to be Tom's turn but considering it was Jane's 235th birthday yesterday we thought that Tom would not mind if we recognised Jane instead!

I was looking for a quote that would link in nicely with Jane's birthday celebrations but I have found one which instead links in nicely with this time of year and the weather situation in the UK at the moment! As readers from the UK will know we have had our fair share of snow these past few weeks. I have heard alot of moaning and there is more due to arrive this weekend - I have found this lovely quote taken from a letter written by Jane to her sister Cassandra which echoes these views. The letter was written on December 2nd 1815 (two weeks before her birthday) at Hans Place (Henry Austen's home in London).

"I am sorry my mother has been suffering, and am afraid this exquisite weather is too good to agree with her. I enjoy it all over me, from top to toe, from right to left, longitudinally, perpendicularly, diagonally; and I cannot but selfishly hope we are to have it last till Christmas -- nice, unwholesome, unseasonable, relaxing, close, muggy weather."

I love the sense we get of her wanting to wrap herself up in the warm weather. She seems happy and I love the excitement in her tone. Such great use of adjectives in only two sentences. I am going to try to mimic the same excitement when I go out today in my coat, scarf, gloves and hat!

Happy Birthday Jane.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice quote, Rachel. When I read that, I think of the time between the hot, muggy summer and the bone chill of winter. That wonderful time of balmy evenings when outside is where you want to be. Btw...have you heard that James McAvoy(as Darcy) and Anne Hathaway (as Elizabeth)are being considered to star in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies???? Havent read the book ( didn't want to really), but having those two back together again...yum!
take care in all that snow!!

Icha said...

Ummm... I don't think Anne and James would say yes... that is rather silly indeed...the idea of zombies...

Not that I don't want the two to be back together; but I'd rather not for zombie movie!

Rachel said...

Hi Lis. Thanks for the comment. I hadn't heard that but I just did a google search and the rumour is indeed very strong. I havent read the book either but I have to agree with Icha, as much as I would love Tom and Ann back together in a film and as much as I love Pride and Prejudice, I am not sure I want zombies in the mix!
If you hear anymore about this then please do update us.
Until then have a lovely christmas Liz x

jakeline said...

I have made a Christmas-video with JA-couples. Take a look here:

jakeline said...

I am one of those who wouldn't mind reading that book. I think I'm gonna after I finished the one I'm currently reading. But then again, I'm really fond of spin offs and fan fics, too... :P

Hope you're all okay in this snow!

Hugs and kisses from Maria in Sweden