Monday, 13 December 2010

Another Austen dress for sale!

Oh, I found another Austen dress for sale in Etsy! Click here for the said Etsy shop. I bought mine from the same shop. This green dress looks stunning, particularly with the mock buttons (authentic Regency dresses have real buttons at the back), but this lady has promised to shop no more, hence this lovely green Regency dress can be another lady's companion. Besides, green is not really my colour...


Nicole MacDonald said...

checked it out, is sooo beautiful ( and SO my colour) but bust is way too small *pout*... oh well

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Icha said...

Oh, that's a shame... vintage dresses can be so tiny in comparison to our modern dresses (What did they EAT in those days???).

Oh well. I will keep posting nice dresses for sale online. Who knows that the next one is yours!