Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Crack myself on a Jane Austen dress!

Forgive my indulgence Ladies and Gents... but I have a story to tell. I know this humble Jane Austen fan who could not help herself when she saw a beautiful 1960s empire dress that resembled a Regency dress being sold on an online shop called Etsy (weird shopping habits, these creatures of the 21st CE!). She must have it, although not at any cost (what with being a student), and after much deliberation (which lasted only a few minutes actually), she bought it!

In her defense, she had been searching for a decent Austen dress which would not make her ample bosoms look larger and would still fit her rather uhm... healthy frame. Several talented dress makers in Ebay (that is another online site, weird 21st CE citizens, very accessible through the famous Google Avenue!) have tempted her in the past, only to have her deterred by the excessive price (of over $100!). In recollection, it is only fair that we must forgive this rather reckless young lady, for indeed she had done her homework of researching better prices in the past, to no avail of course. Also we must consider her plan to visit a certain dear Miss Kingston in Surrey en route visiting Chawton and Bath, and what dress more proper to wear than this (old but) new blue 60s dress?

Do forgive her, Ladies and Gents... for she promises that she would publish the weekly quote in time this week (after one dear Mrs Fern supplies her one). And she solemnly promises not to be so impulsive in purchasing any other Regency artifacts next time, lest she would not have the means to visit the aforementioned Miss Kingston!


Nicole MacDonald said...

just found out that my friend had a austen inspired wedding dress (she made it) am SO impressed :)

BirthRight The Arrival, on Amazon 1.1.11

Icha said...

Ooohhh! Are you going to attend the wedding?

Silly question:
1. She made it herself, as in sewing it herself? I'm SO impressed too!
2. Is it going to be in the Amazon river or what Amazon? Confused
3. What's the groom's costume then? Long coat with breeches?

Icha said...

Oh, silly me. I just read your website. BirthRight is the title of your new novel, is it not? And it will be sold via, inter alia,

Congratulations, Nicole!

jakeline said...

Oh I want one! the greatest about the regency empire dress is that it fits all sizes! I'm also on the healty fram-side, well now I'm carrying a bit extra in the front of course, have a heatly sized bosom to match the belly... But I could so see myself in such a dress!

Icha said...

LOL! Join the club, Maria!

Go to or and search for 'regency dress' or 'austen dress'. Etsy has a better chance to get vintage dresses than Ebay, in a lower price too! Good luck!