Friday, 17 December 2010

Happy Birthday Jane!

Roxana reminded me that yesterday (Australian time) was Jane Austen's 235th birthday (thanks Roxana!). Since it's still 16 December in U.S., I can still safely wish Jane a very happy birthday without being ashamed of being late.

And Maria provided me with a Google picture of what looks like Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy here, so thanks to Maria as well!


jakeline said...

Of course it's Jane and Tom! :P

Hugs and Kisses/ maria

Alida Sewell said...

2014 Birthday!
I am a volunteer for the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, founded this year by Caroline Jane Knight, the last Austen descendant to be raised in Jane’s literary home of Chawton. The foundation aims to harness the worldwide passion for Jane Austen to support literacy projects across the world. As you know, Jane Austen’s birthday is the 16th of December and we are excited to launch our first fundraising activity - giving individuals and organisations the opportunity to write a personal message on Jane’s virtual birthday card on our website: The support of the Jane Austen Societies is invaluable to our cause. Please log on today and leave your own message to be published on Jane’s birthday card. You can also support us by spreading the word about this campaign on line and to your network. If you have ever enjoyed, been inspired by or gained from Jane Austen or her writing, please donate to the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation today. For more information check out our website or email me on .
Alida Sewell