Saturday, 11 October 2008

Jane Austen Quote - Week 25

This week my quote is from one of Jane's letters to Cassandra (October 27, 1798):

"I had a very pleasant evening, however, though you will probably find out that there was no particular reason for it; but I do not think it worth while to wait for enjoyment until there is some real opportunity for it."

I was in the mood to post an uplifting quote from Jane this week, and when I read this, I knew I had found it. I needed this - I needed to be reminded to enjoy life just for the sake of it - and never to lose that joy. It's so easy to be ground down by life (er, and exams), and I'm so grateful for Jane's reminder, in the form of this beautiful quote. What a wonderful, wise woman. She found joy in herself - she didn't wait until the circumstances dictated joy. She's gorgeous.

Pic: Jane Austen from: Advanced Embroidery


Anonymous said...

Dearest Michelle,

You are so right on both counts, namely to "enjoy life for the sake of it" and not be "ground down" by all those "other" things in life. So much wisdom for us to find. Now all we have to do is remember to do that!

Love from Linda the Librarian

Michelle said...

Thank you, dear Linda. It is such a beautiful, wise quote, and I'm glad it touched you, too. How can it fail to be moving!! You're so right - we must carry this joy with us at all times - something to work on, definitely!


Icha said...

Michelle dearest, I am truly sorry for the belated response, but Linda is so correct. Happiness IS found WITHIN, and Jane knew it. What a wise woman she was! So, thank you for the lovely quote, Michelle dear...

The quote also reminds me of Enya's 'Wild Child' song that I really love:

Ever close your eyes
ever stop and listen
ever feel alive
and you've
nothing missing
you don't need a reason
let the day go on and on