Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 291

The aftermath of a massive storm in Somerville, Massachusetts, in 2005 (the Guardian.com)

I have two weather-related quotes for last weekend, which I should have posted earlier had I not forgotten that it had been my turn instead, and thus I was busy having other fun (head down in shame...).

First, about snow storm. Massachusetts is having a snow blizzard at the moment, such that Governor Charlie Baker imposed on state-wide travel ban. Not sure if Mississippi is hit as well, but dear Linda, I hope you are safe and sound! 

The related quote would be from Emma, Chapter 15:

Mr. John Knightley now came into the room from examining the weather, and opened on them all with the information of the ground being covered with snow, and of its still snowing fast, with a strong drifting wind; concluding with these words to Mr. Woodhouse: 

"This will prove a spirited beginning of your winter engagements, sir. Something new for your coachman and horses to be making their way through a storm of snow."

Poor Mr. Woodhouse was silent from consternation; but every body else had something to say; every body was either surprized or not surprized, and had some question to ask, or some comfort to offer. Mrs. Weston and Emma tried earnestly to cheer him and turn his attention from his son-in-law, who was pursuing his triumph rather unfeelingly.

"I admired your resolution very much, sir," said he, "in venturing out in such weather, for of course you saw there would be snow very soon. Every body must have seen the snow coming on. I admired your spirit; and I dare say we shall get home very well. Another hour or two's snow can hardly make the road impassable; and we are two carriages; if one is blown over in the bleak part of the common field there will be the other at hand. I dare say we shall be all safe at Hartfield before midnight."

Emphasizes of my own. 

But of course the Knightleys and the Dashwoods still ventured out back to Hartfield, and it was good that they made it. Don't try to do that tonight in Boston tho, not advisable!

This stormy snowy condition, my dear friend, is of such contrast with where I live now in North Queensland Australia. We won't get snow, but we are hoping so much for the rain. Alas, we have been trapped in a hot weather pocket for a week now without some respite (okay, a huge rain on last Thursday, but that was it). What I'd give for a downpour rain now...

The related quote would be from Jane Austen's letter dated 18 September 1796:

“What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.”

Indeed. My poor hair...

We have air-conditioner (or heater for Massachussetts until they have power outage), which Jane Austen would have loved to have. On that note, I shall return to my quarter for some cool air-con...


Linda Fern said...

Ah, here is Mississippi we are doing fine. The weather is heating up thank goodness. However, my dear friend in New Jersey is in the midst of that awful snow you are talking about and she is snowed in. They dare not travel.

I can agree with your quote from Emma, because just last night I watched the Kate Beckinsale version. I remember the scene you mention. Wow!

Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian

Icha said...

Good to know you're okay and starting to enjoy the weather, Linda! For me, a few degrees drop of temperature would be amazing. If it continues like this, it's likely to brew into a tropical low, or even a cyclone...