Monday, 12 January 2015

Tom Lefroy Quote of the Week 45

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The world seems to be witnessing a lot of deaths these days. Of course, people die everyday. But the last two months have been significant for me. Personally, my dear father passed away at the end of November last year. I had to fly back home to cremate him, but thank God everything went unexpectedly well. He is in peace now with The Light. I can feel it...and for that, I thank the Universe.

Then we have some siege, hostage and murder situations in Sydney (Dec) and Paris (just a few days earlier). That brought sadness to me, particularly because innocent people died during the siege. In between, Air Asia #QZ8501 went down off Sumatra, killing all 162 people onboard. That was also personal to me because that I'm a frequent flyer to that airline.

Then, last Saturday, a renowned scientist in my own field passed away. She was from Thailand, and I never had the honour of meeting her before she died. I only knew of her achievements by words of mouth. She died after battling cancer for several years. Her departure is a loss for us, personally and professionally. However, I hope that she is in peace now, free of pain. 

Now it seems my prayers for the final moment, any final moment, is this: let it be in peace. Let there be Light, let there be Unconditional Love and Courage. Let there be unconditional letting go, returning to the Source. Let it be pain-free...

And for those who departed recently, here is a passage from the Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy p. 386. We have posted it in 2010, but there's nothing wrong in recycling it here for its beautiful value. Written by Tom Lefroy Jr, son of the original Thomas Langlois Lefroy (our Tom Lefroy), about the final moments of his father's life. 

To the last he retained a cheerful and patient endurance under suffering which often elicited the astonishment and admiration of those who attended upon his sickness. I remember in his last illness (only two days before he was taken from us), after he had spent a very wearisome night from want of sleep, and great oppression of breathing, we closed the window-shutters in the morning, in the hope of his getting some sleep; just then the physician for whom an express had been sent, arrived from Dublin. After feeling his pulse, the doctor asked whether it would annoy him if the window-shutters were opened for a moment, when he replied with a cheerful smile, “not at all, doctor, I always like to have light thrown upon a subject.”

May every one of us welcomes our final moments with such courage, serenity, love and peace. God speed.

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Linda Fern said...

Beautiful, Icha, and so appropriate for us all. It does seem like we are having too much these days, so let us hope and pray that it will end soon.

Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian