Sunday, 29 April 2012

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 191

Here are my musings about our dear Jane, as I was pondering what to post.  I thought that she wrote some things other than her novels.    Then I remembered that I had on my shelf some Austen poetry books, namely:  "Jane Austen, Collected Poems and verse of the Austen Family", edited by David Selwyn and "Jane Austen, Poems and Favourite Poems" edited by Douglas Brooks-Davies.   Hm, there should be a list somewhere and wouldn't that be nice to have. Next I recollected that Henry Churchyard has a page at Pemberley which contains almost (if not all) all of her writings.  You can visit that site here:

I will give you a sample of her verse by quoting this one titled "Song":

That Damon was in love with me
     I once thought & beleiv''d
But now that he is not I see,
     I fear I was deceiv'd.
Happy hunting among the aforementioned pages.  Another astounding fact I stumbled across is that I was amazed to see what a store house of quotes and information we have here at "Becoming Jane Fansite" since 2007.  We have covered a lot of subjects and had some adventures too.  Geez, how time flies when you are having fun.
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