Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tom Lefroy Quote Week 17

Please forgive the late instalment of this weekend. I was trying to find something from the Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy, and – with my busy mind – it has proven difficult. But then, there it was. Page 196 just popped out for me; a letter to his wife, Mary Paul in July 1833.

“I have now been five successive nights keeping watch for our Church till near daylight. All that could be done has been and will be done. The Duke has worked nobly and is the most devoted friend to Ireland that I have found here; he has constantly spent three or four hours over the Bill in the mornings, and afterwards worked in the House for several hours. I spent nearly four hours to-day, completing the amendments to which we got the Government to accede last week, as they are to be all introduced in form on Monday, and on Wednesday the Bill will pass, improved in a great many respects, but with many mischievous provisions still left.”
By no means I try to imitate a Chief Justice’s schedule, nor I shall be that busy. But last week was very busy as well for me. I had a full week’s ofmeetings (ones that ended after the sunset) and – since I will have another big meeting in a few days – I was hoping that I did not have to work this weekend. But apparently I did, a few hours of meeting last night and another couple of hours this afternoon.

Forgive me, my dear friends. I didn’t mean to complain… I’m certain many of you have had busier weeks than mine last week. But sometimes I wish that I could have a healthier working pattern. It’s fine to be busy sometime… but being busy all the time is not healthy for body, mind and soul.

But. My holiday is coming soon in less than two weeks. I’m so looking forward for that, and I hope it will be a rejuvenating holiday for me.

How was your week last week, my dear friends? Busy? Or healthily steady? Any holidays to look forward soon? God bless you all.

Pic: Tom Lefroy, circa 1855


Amanda Sandoval said...

I actually just got done with a busy week at school and spent the weekend at my parents farm. My son really enjoyed being out in the country :)

Rachel said...

I was lucky enough to have a couple of days down in Devon last weekend which was refreshing, like you Amanda it was in the country and just beautiful. Back to it this week though - you are right Icha, a balance is key, we must respect our bodies and minds.

Icha said...

Gosh, I envy you girls.

Guess what. I'm going to have another meeting at 8pm with a few people talking about the meeting agenda. I am SO gonna take a break after the big meeting in two days!