Saturday, 30 April 2011

Jane Austen Quote of the Week - Week 150

In chapter 21 of Emma the marriage of Mr Elton to Miss Hawkins has just been announced by Miss Bates. She says:

"It is such a happiness when good people get together—and they always do."

As I am sure all of you know today has been a very special day here in England (and all around the world) as Prince William married Catherine Middleton. The ceremony was wonderful and from the interviews I have heard and what I watched today, they really do appear to be "good" people. I wanted to use this quote to commemorate such a momentous occasion.

Pic 1: Mr and Mrs Elton
Pic 2: Prince William and Kate Middleton


Maria aka jakeline said...

I followed the wedding online while working. :P Loved the dress! :)

hugs and kisses from maria in sweden

Icha said...

I know you ladies would watch the Royal Wedding with your lovely dresses, hats and shoes! Tell me what you think! I LOVE IT!

I hope William and Kate are happy forever! They're so cute together! I sighed and sighed happily when they kissed. I really hope they will be together forever (unlike Diana and Charles, hiks...). William looked so sincere in his love to Kate, I almost melth with happiness!

Thanks for the lovely quote, Rachel! You've got yourself a new princess (tho her title is not so), and hopefully a great king one day!


Icha said...

PS: Maria, I LOVE the dress, the shoes and also Pippa's (the sister-bridesmaid) dress!

Maria aka jakeline said...

Yes, the dress was just perfect I thought! Haha, the hats... oh the hats... Some of the were just hidious! We don't have that kind of thing i Sweden, none are so into hats as the Brits I believe. :P

Funny thing is, I really didn't look at OUR Royal Wedding last summer when our Queen to be got married... *blushes*. Oh well, I've always said I was supposed to be a Brit...

Will be back with a May calender soon! :)

/ maria aka jakeline