Saturday, 16 April 2011

Jane Austen Quote of the Week - Week 148

This week I have chosen a quote from Sanditon. Jane Austen died in 1817 leaving Sanditon unfinished. The novel is about the generation of a new town, named "Sanditon" and my chosen quote is taken from a letter (featured in chapter 5) in which one of its inhabitants, Diana Parker, wrote to her brother criticising the medical profession.

“We have consulted physician after physician in vain, till we are quite convinced that they can do nothing for us and that we must trust to our own knowledge of our own wretched constitutions for any relief.”

I have a personal interest in alternative therapies. I do not see them as a conventional medicine replacement but instead a means of complementing the conventional approach with less intrusive, supportive methods. My interest has led to many conversations with people who have a less than fond opinion of the medical profession and that is why this quote stood out to me.

I think that Diana's words are very wise and so true- ultimately we have to trust our own knowledge of self before any relief from an ailment can be experienced. I truly believe that a deep understanding of ourselves (body, mind and soul) has the power to achieve anything, what some would call miracles.

I find it interesting that Jane Austen in these last months of her life felt the urge to embrace such a topic as the pros and cons of the medical profession- it makes me wonder about her own experiences and whether she decided that her only relief was to try to truly understand herself.


Linda Fern said...

We are in agreement, Icha. I believe the same thing. I am always learning about how to take care of myself. I didn't realize Jane had said that. So true.

Linda the Librarian

Icha said...

My dear Linda, the post was not written by me. It was Rachel who picked the excellent quote (thank you Rachel!).

Nonetheless, I agree with Rachel and you, Linda. In the end, we are the ones who truly understand what happens to our bodies, thus it is wise to listen to their internal wisdom.

Icha said...

FYI, 'their internal wisdom' means 'the bodies' internal wisdom'. Wish there's this editing feature in the blog post. And I do agree that we must combine the wisdom of body, mind and soul to cure any illness.

Oh, and this quote reminds me of what happened to me years ago, back in 2003 when I decided to undergo a major surgery. I have consulted at least 10 physicians re: the matter, but eventually my decision for the surgery came as a response of the yearning within me to live healthily, free of pain. Not to mention that most of the physicians ignored my pain and told me that this type of illness (uterine fibroid) actually didn't cause bodily pain!

Of course, all those doctors were male... so they had no uterus to feel the pain. Forgive my bias here, but unless they can feel the pain, they should never say it's not painful.

Rachel said...

I agree with you completely Icha. We can never judge another persons pain.