Sunday, 22 November 2009

Quote of the Week 83


This week my quote is from Emma. I'm currently reading it, and once again it's a tie between this and Pride and Prejudice as my favourite Austen. A bit off-topic, but what's your favourite Austen?

The quote is from chapter 48, and is just before Knightley's proposal.

When it came to such a pitch as this, she was not able to refrain from a start, or a heavy sigh, or even from walking about the room for a few seconds; and the only source whence anything like consolation or composure could be drawn, was in the resolution of her own better conduct, and the hope that, however inferior in spirit and gaiety might be the following and every future winter of her life to the past, it would find her more rational, more acquainted with herself, and leave her less to regret when it were gone.

I love this quote because it reminds me of the seasons of life - that every trial, joy, and heartache serve a purpose; that if we don't resist them they make us stronger, and 'more aquainted' with ourselves. It's so hard, when you're in a bad situation, to see anything positive, or find a smidgen of joy to lift yourself - but once again Jane reminds me that through down times you grow as a person. And to live without regrets! That is a goal of mine ... of us all, no doubt. So, a lot to enjoy in this quote.

Have a great week!

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Alexa Adams said...

Great quote! This is Emma at her lowest point - so sure the future is entirely bleak. Simultaneously, it's one of her best moments, finding solace in the knowledge that she is a better person for her sufferings. But even here we still get a sense of her selfishness, as her reform is mostly geared to decreasing her own mortifications. It's fabulous the way Austen can convey so much in a mere sentence (however long it may be).

Persuasion is my favorite.

Rachel said...

Super quote! Thanks Michelle. I like to be reminded sometimes that the more melancholy experiences of daily life are all in fact part of the wonderful learning curve that this life has to offer us- and who better to remind us of this than Jane. It is so easy to get caught up in mistakes and bad experiences without drawing the positive and rememebering that we change and develop with every new thought, observation and difficulty thrown in our path.
I think that we see such insight into Emma's character at this moment of the novel. Its such a poignant quote to her whole development.
I think Emma is my favourite....

Icha said...

My apologies for the belated comment, Michelle, but I do love this Emma quote! And also your own comments on that:
every trial, joy, and heartache serve a purpose; that if we don't resist them they make us stronger, and 'more acquainted' with ourselves

Indeed, you are so right!