Friday, 9 October 2009

Jane Austen Quote of the Week- Week 77

Linda has kindly provided us with this weeks quote (Thanks Linda!):

In Chapter 25 of Northanger Abbey, Catherine receives a letter from her brother informing her “…that everything is at an end between Miss Thorpe and me.” He goes on to say that he is only guilty of “…the folly of too easily thinking his affection returned.”

He ends his letter with this piece of advice for his sister:

“Dearest Catherine, beware how you give your heart.”

Volumes could be written on that subject and probably have been since she penned that very short quote. How many of us are just as guilty as James by jumping to conclusions about someone only to find out later we were mistaken. So, Dear Readers, do take care.

Linda the Librarian

Just to add, I know that everyone out there will be able to relate to the highlighted quote, perhaps more than any other that we have posted. It is great advice to offer but such a hard task in control and it is a fact that so much heartache and problems stem from this lack of control that we hold over our hearts. Beware indeed everyone.

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Icha said...

“Dearest Catherine, beware how you give your heart.”

Thank you Linda, and of course our Jane for giving such a thoughtful advice, it`s certainly so true!

hugs hugs from the cool Quebec!