Sunday, 5 October 2008

'Lost in Austen' series, anyone?

I am SO grateful for Maria's information, and so ashamed of myself for letting this slipping out of my radar. Ive been lost in my own research world anyway these past few months... But I'm so grateful for the info as well, for then I can wait for the DVD, and available funding of course!

I'm talking, ladies and gents, about the new ITV drama 'Lost in Austen'. Basically, it's about a modern London girl named 'Amanda Price' that one day found the very Miss Elizabeth Bennet in her bathroom, and - having foolishly following Lizzy's example of entering a hidden door in her bathroom wall - suddenly found herself in Longbourn amidst the Bennets. Click here for the plot summary in Wikipedia.

I think it's a cool fanfiction-ish series for Pride & Prejudice lovers. It's unexpected that such a series could be made, but hey, I think it's a great progress, despite the jumbles it made on the PP storylines (hence hardcore PP fans might be flared by this production). But hey, that's what fan-fiction is all about!

Here's where you can buy it at I think I have to access that wonderful site for my own copy; seemingly the series is not in Australia yet. Sigh... And check Enchanted Serenity of Period Films; a wonderful site that gives you much more info about this movie!

Here's the first part of the first episode of Lost in Austen from YouTube, thanks to Chicawapa. The rest of episodes can be found there as well.

Anyone up for a review, anyway? Team Jane can always find time to post it here for you!

UPDATE! I've seen all four episodes in YouTube (thanks Chicawapa!), and is it not one of the most amazing miniseries I've ever seen! YES! I love Amanda Price, I love this version of Lizzy Bennet, I even love Wickham, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and Mrs. Bennet! Oh, I don't have time to write a proper review now, but in a few days I hope to. And really, a DVD is worth it!

Pic: DVD cover of 'Lost in Austen' from


Mimi said...

I tried to watch it but is it just a few highlights from the series? It's choppy and disconnected. The video is 2 minutes long and it takes 1 minute to locate the next part. lol

Please tell me I did something wrong.

Icha said...

That's weird. Did you use Internet Explorer, Mimi? Cos I use Mozilla Firefox, and it works fine. In IE however, I tried it just now, and it said that the video is no longer available. Weird, for in Mozilla it is still playing as I type it.

Anyway, here's episode 2 where Amanda meets Lizzy Bennet:

mamma jakeline said...

thnak god for youtube! ;) I have still yet to see the series, but I will asap. :)

I found out about the series in an email from amazon since I've bought Austen-related thingies before... ;) good service!

hugs and kisses from Maria and Peanut.

Mimi said...

I can see it but the end of episode 8 ends with Amanda saying: "Jane needs to go to Netherfield" and the next episode Jane's in bed already sick. Something is missing. All the parts on YouTube are like that.

between episode a and 2 there is a huge jump as well. Episode 1 is 2 minutes long and suddenly in episode 2 they are at church talking to Charlotte.

Mimi said...

ok, I give up. Episode 2 part 1 is Jane sick and in mid sentence after 1:22min it stops. Episode 2 part 2 Amanda Price suddenly sings.
Who has watched it and can tell me where the real upload is. No fair to tease and only upload half the movie ;) lol

Icha said...

Hey Mimi, sorry for the belated reply. Try Chicawapa's channel:

for more episodes.

But I understand what you mean, there are missing scenes, and perhaps it was intended that way, for if Chicawapa uploaded all of them, she might infringe copyright? Some of the SS 2008 videos had been deleted from YouTube because of that.

I think we just have to buy the DVD from Amazon and Ebay :-)

mamma jakeline said...

So now I've seen all four eppies. A tad embarrassing at times, but over all I thought it was great! :) I would so want to be in her shoes... Mr Darcy was kind of a hottie... oh the pondscene *shivers*

Hugs and kisses from Maria and Peanut!

Icha said...

Yup, this Darcy is a hottie, alright. I really think he's cute, whose charm is on par with Wentworth 2007 and Edward Ferrars 2008... sigh...

Tho I still score James McAvoy's Tom Lefroy as sexier... and yummier... but I really don't mind with this Darcy as well. Really don't mind!

Icha said...

Oh, the pond scene! "I have a weird post-modern moment here..." LOL! I wonder which one is hotter in wet, Colin Firth or Elliot Cowan here... (day dreaming...)

mamma jakeline said...

Actually, I vote for Cowan... or Firth... those muscles... I have to rewatch Firth... *drooling* But nothing can match up with McAvoy.

hugs and kisses from a daydreaming Maria with a kicking Peanut... ;-)

Unknown said...

Yes I just finished it on thurdsay. I didn't know it was a "series" I just thought it was a 3 1/2 hour movie. I liked it.
There was a lul in one part and due to knowing the story so well a fast forward to the next part. I like the ending . I didn't expect that. But Sigh that is Austen for ya.

Icha said...

Sigh... I LOVE 'Lost in Austen', and surprisingly this Darcy, flawed as he is, is my fave of the other Darcies. But Wickham is the BEST. I agree with the reviewer somewhere (in Amazon I think) that he stole the show... a really charming 'bad' guy!