Saturday, 6 September 2008

Jane Austen Quote – Week Twenty

Man, it's my turn already! Time goes by... Speaking of time, let's see what Marianne Dashwood said about time required for intimacy. Yes, my dearest readers, from Sense & Sensibility, chapter 12:

'It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy; - It is disposition alone. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.'

Marianne, indeed you were right. At least, I've met some people who I could never truly understand, and yet - at the other end of the spectrum - there are these people that directly clicked with me despite our short acquaintance. I suppose, disposition indeed matters, though I also have another explanation for that...

Anyway, seven days, eh? I bet that the time required for Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy to be intimately connected since their first introduction in Christmas holiday 1795 was not more than seven days...

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Rachel said...

Thanks Icha. It makes you wonder what Jane was thinking when she wrote this line. I like to think that she was solely focussing on the love between her and Tom.

mamma jakeline said...

Oh yes, me and my darling got close pretty fast. And considered us a couple after a week from our first meeting. Some people just click. I bet Tom and Jane clicked big time! ;)

I've been quiet for some time now, busy with life and so on... we have also just decided to get married before Peanut comes. So soon I'm gonna be a wife! Yikes, that sounds so grown up! It's time I realised I'm no longer the little 20 year old I think in my head! ;)

hugs and kisses from Maria and a kicking Peanut in the belly!

Icha said...

Hi Rachel dearest, yeah it's very tempting to think that Jane was thinking of Tom in this case, no? It was more than a week after Christmas with her first surviving letter (6 Jan 1796), but by then she had done (at least) 3 dances with Tom beforehand. Surely one on Christmas Eve, etc etc that counts to a week or so. Wink!

Maria! You're 'just' 20?! Maaan... and you've already got Peanut! And you're gonna be a wife! Superb! Great on you! Let us know about the ceremonies etc, we'd like to celebrate.

mamma jakeline said...

icha, no I'm NOT 20! just mentally, as I am sometimes mentally blonde. I just turned 28 this summer. ;) Well the date is set to the 25th October, midday. Very secret, just two of our friends know about it. And you of course. We'll let the others know the week after when we celebrate my darling's 30th birthday.

hugs and kisses