Saturday, 12 April 2008

'Sense & Sensibility 2008' and 'Miss Austen Regrets' DVD package!

It's true! I cannot believe I missed this news... but better late than never, I suppose.

So here we have it dear friends: Sense & Sensibility 2008 and Miss Austen Regrets DVD package from for only $ 24.49! Consider it a decent price for an excellent SS adaptation, and we have a bonus of Miss Austen Regrets!

What are you waiting for? I'm ordering mine soon!


bilbo said...

I really like the S&S adaptation; I think it's quite comparable to Emma Thompson's work. The music is great. Northanger Abbey is also enjoyable, although Henry Tilney comes off as rather harsh.
I also ordered Persuasion, even though they messed up the famous discussion of love between Anne Elliot & Captain Harville; Sally Hawkins was very good as Anne. But I much prefer the 1995 version with Amanda Root.

Icha said...

Indeed Bilbo. I think the 2008 SS is on par with the 1995 SS, though there are pros and contras in each versions. But generally, I really see it as on par, though I still have Alan Rickman as Col Brandon and Greg Wise as Willoughby in my mind. And I so much prefer Hugh Laurie as Mr. Palmer and the cute Mrs. Jennings and Sir John Middleton of 1995.

I want to write 1-2 pages of SS review here, but I might have to postpone it till weekend. Meanwhile, would you like to write a review, Bilbo? Email me the review (, and I shall post it here.