Friday, 9 November 2007

‘Becoming Jane’ in China!

I was so glad to have Miaomiao contacting me from China, delivering great news indeed that Becoming Jane receives good feedback from China. Thanks to her, I've opened one of the Fansite called the, and although I understood nothing (not surprisingly) of what the visitors talk about, I found out easily that Becoming Jane receives positive response in China. Of all the total 3033 hits, 838 of them are for 5 stars (27.63%) and 1481 hits for 4 stars (48.83%), so it's a very good thing.

Now, I’ve asked Miaomiao to contribute a short summary of the Becoming Jane in China, and I hope that in the near future we will have the first article about the movie’s performance in Asia. There, Miaomiao, you can’t run away now! ^_^

Pic: the Disney version of Fa Mulan, for I think that girl resembled Jane Austen in her courage and determination!

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