Monday, 13 January 2014

Tom Lefroy Quote of the Week 36

This week I chose a quote from part 9 of Tom Lefroy's memoirs:

"But the things I am speaking of concerning his personal character – his love for God’s word, his humiliation as a sinner, his confidence in Christ – these are not gone. My brethren, for ourselves let us think can we look for more earthly things than he had? Few of us, perhaps none of us here, will attain to that advanced life. A few, indeed, may attain to the same high eminence in the world, or to the honors that crowned him; but even of those who attain these honors few may have that unbroken family peace and happiness which he had."

The highlighted words stood out for me. We hear such horrifying stories on the news every day and I wonder whether there is a reduction in the number of people who feel a sense of humiliation after committing a sin? I also wonder whether there are less people who have unbroken family peace and happiness in the world we live in today? Perhaps people don't fight as hard for what is important.

I think that from reading this it is clear that Tom was a very admirable character, someone to respect and follow as a compass of morality. I believe he may have understood the importance for balance in life.

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Linda Fern said...

Dearest Rachel, Your quote came at a most timely time for me. So true it is. It goes along with something else I had just found yesterday in the Memoir on Page 34to 36, which said in a letter to his children a beautiful Christian explanation of some Scriptures.

I think I should start at the beginning and read the complete Memoir. Tom was truly an exceptional man, Christian, and Jurist. Would that we had more like him today.

Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian