Saturday, 31 August 2013

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 245

Part of the reason for our slow posting of last weeks quote was due to the fact that I was in Wales on a camping weekend. It was a spiritual adventure and very uplifting for the mind, body and soul. The setting was a shelter deep in a valley surrounded by wooded gorges, mountains and a waterfall - pure bliss. I spent a lot of time there meditating and appreciating my surroundings, there is a quote which can be found in Chapter 23 of Persuasion which links to these feelings:

At last Anne was at home again, and happier than any one in that house could have conceived. All the surprise and suspense, and every other painful part of the morning dissipated by this conversation, she re-entered the house so happy as to be obliged to find an alloy in some momentary apprehensions of its being impossible to last. An interval of meditation, serious and grateful, was the best corrective of everything dangerous in such high-wrought felicity; and she went to her room, and grew steadfast and fearless in the thankfulness of her enjoyment.

Pic: Welsh landscape

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