Sunday, 11 August 2013

Death Comes To Pemberley production

There a new BBC production of Death Comes To Pemberley in the pipeline. It is said to be the Christmas drama and stars Matthew Rhys (The Americans) and Anna Maxwell Martin (Becoming Jane! and Bleak House) in the leading roles. The story "picks up with Elizabeth and Darcy years after their wedding, where they have two young sons and are preparing for the annual ball at their home."

It is the 2011 sequel to Pride and Prejudice written by the acclaimed P.D. James who is known for crime writing. This will be a three-part drama staring a whole host of reputable british actors and actresses.

How exciting!

Find out more HERE and HERE

Pic: Death Come To Pemberley cover

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Mariana said...

Very exciting indeed!! If you didn’t have a chance to read “A Jane Austen Daydream” by Scott D. Southard, I highly recommend it to you and your readers - Tom Lefroy is not quite the character I imagined in this book, but I still had a good laugh at the ‘surprise’ of their first meeting and his view of the fiction books. I think you’ll enjoy the humor and the twist, my favorites were Mrs. de Bourgh and Mr. Blackwell with his “fifty-step plan to salvation”: number forty-two was “The removal of all books that are for entertainment.” ;)