Thursday, 4 July 2013

Jane Austen to be the new face on the £10 note!

In the United Kingdom, there has been many reports suggesting that Jane Austen is to become the new face on the £10 notes.

There has been recent concern as Elizabeth Fry (social reformer) will be removed from the current £5 note. This has caused much controversy, including protest from Caroline Criado-Perez, a women’s rights campaigner, who has launched an online petition to keep a woman on British banknotes.

Sir Mervyn King (Economist and Governor of the Bank of England) has stated “Whenever we launch a new note, we always have two notes running in parallel – the figure we are using and a reserve figure in case there are any technical issues ... The figure we have been working with for two years [on the £10 bank note], I have said before is a woman and I can tell you today it’s Jane Austen. The Jane Austen note has been up and running internally for the last two years.”

How fantastic! Great news for us Jane fans and for famous females!

Pic 1: Daily Mail Charles Darwin on £10 note

Pic 2: Huffington Post Jane Austen on note

Information taken from Telegraph article

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Icha said...

Sorry for the belated comment, Rachel, but what an interesting article! I shall very much like to have one GBP 10 note!