Sunday, 30 June 2013

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 238

Icha has contacted me to say that she is suffering from fever and headache so I decided to pick an apt quote for her today. From Sense and Sensibility, chapter 43, Marianne is showing signs of fever and deteriorating sickness.

"A very restless and feverish night, however, disappointed the expectation of both; and when Marianne, after persisting in rising, confessed herself unable to sit up, and returned voluntarily to her bed, Elinor was very ready to adopt Mrs. Jennings's advice, of sending for the Palmers' apothecary."

And later ...

"Elinor could not be cheerful. Her joy was of a different kind, and led to anything rather than to gaiety. Marianne restored to life, health, friends, and to her doating mother, was an idea to fill her heart with sensations of exquisite comfort, and expand it in fervent gratitude; -- but it led to no outward demonstrations of joy, no words, no smiles. All within Elinor's breast was satisfaction, silent and strong."

Get well soon Icha x

Pic: imdb Marianne and Elinor


Icha said...

thanks a lot Rachel! I owe you one for next week.

Still with the headache, which I hope will dissipate before the morning, because I have an impending meeting the morrow :-(

stay healthy, everyone! Health is the most important blessing from Heaven...

Linda Fern said...

Take care, dear Icha and get lots of rest. And I am on school vacation so I will have time to do a bit of composing for you.

Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian