Monday, 29 July 2013

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 241

Icha has unfortunately been unable to post her quote today so I am posting it for her after just returning from seeing Sense and Sensibility at Nyman's National Trust property in West Sussex. The production was performed by the team at Chapterhouse and really was excellent. It is rather coincidental, but apt, that Icha has chosen a quote this week from Sense and Sensibility. Her email sent below: 
This week’s quote is a shortie due to my bad internet connection (and I might have to ask Rachel to post it for me…thanks Rachel!). It also reflects my current journey to places I’ve never been before in Sumatra. I have been traveling for six days, and I won’t be home before this coming Friday. It’s the longest non-stop trip I’ve ever done in like, forever, that I found myself trepidating and stressful before the journey began. But now that I’m in Day Six, and I have ‘only’ four days to go, I find myself getting relaxed. All will be well. There will be challenges, of course, but I believe help is always on the way, as I have encountered so far.
So, here’s Sense & Sensibility Chapter 6, first paragraph. The Dashwood ladies were traveling to Devonshire for the first time, and dare I say their journey was definitely not embraced pleasantly in the beginning. But as we know later, it was for a good cause that they moved to Devonshire.
“The first part of their journey was performed in too melancholy a disposition to be otherwise than tedious and unpleasant. But as they drew towards the end of it, their interest in the appearance of a country which they were to inhabit overcame their dejection, and a view of Barton Valley as they entered it gave them cheerfulness.”
I dedicate this quote for myself, and for anyone who is embarking on a totally new journey for the first time in your life. May you find your journey surprisingly pleasant, enriching, and help is always around.

thanks and have a nice weekend,

Pic: John Dashwood being introduced to Mrs Jennings

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