Monday, 7 January 2013

The whole Persuasion 2007 movie on YouTube

We apologise for the lack of quote for last week (5/6 Jan). We've been busy with our holidays and neglected the roster, hence no quote this time. We have made the next roster tho, and Rachel will be doing a quote (scheduled for Tom) next weekend (12/13 Jan). 

As a remedy for our mishap, Linda found a nice YouTube link where the entire Persuasion 2007 movie was uploaded. 


This is her message:

The internet is truly amazing - at least to me at my advanced age. I stumbled across a site that has the complete movie of "Persuasion" on YouTube. It is the 2007 movie with Sally Hawkins. You can see it here: CLICK HERE
It is not my favorite version (I like the Amanda Root one) but in my opinion, you can't get too much Jane Austen. So enjoy!
Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian
Thanks a lot Linda, and happy watching!

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jakeline said...

Oh nice! I love that version! Mainly because I have hugest crush on Rupert Penry-Jones. ;)