Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 219 by Linda

Emma and Harriet with winter muffs to repel cold (but not effective to get rid of Mr Elton), from this site
Tis the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere when we are liable to catch a "cold".  As  a matter of fact our family has had our share of those illnesses.  This has prompted me to look into Jane's Emma where we find dear Mr. Woodhouse lamenting on such things.  In Chapter 29 we find Mr. Woodhouse saying:
"Oh! no," said he; "it would be the extreme of imprudence. I could not bear it for Emma! Emma is not strong. She would catch a dreadful cold. So would poor little Harriet. So you would all. Mrs. Weston, you would be quite laid up; do not let them talk of such a wild thing. Pray do not let them talk of it. That young man (speaking lower) is very thoughtless. Do not tell his father, but that young man is not quite the thing. He has been opening the doors very often this evening, and keeping them open very inconsiderately. He does not think of the draught. I do not mean to set you against him, but indeed he is not quite the thing!"
My point being that such "colds" have been happening many hundreds of years.  My hope is that our dear readers who may catch one will find it few and very light.   I do hope that we will some day do as Rachel does and practice more "natural" cures as well as keeping our immune systems in tact so as to not be bothered with them at all.  Oh, dear, am I beginning to sound like Mr. Woodhouse?  My apologies!
Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian

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