Sunday, 8 May 2011

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 151

This week’s quote was taken from Pride and Prejudice Chapter 32 (Penguin edition 2003, p. 175), where Mr Darcy visited Elizabeth at Mr Collin’s place.

Mr Darcy drew his chair a little towards her, and said “You cannot have right to such very strong local attachment. You cannot have been always at Longbourn.”

It was funny that I found this quote when I was counting down the days I have left in Australia. I have to return to Indonesia in less than two months due to visa expiry, and may not return here for one (if I’m lucky) or two years. Before I arrived in this little town where I live now, I never thought that I would settle in a place other than Bali. When I first arrived in my little town here in 2003, I was definitely NOT impressed by it. But now, I love it, and I am sad that I have to leave her. But leave I must, to make ways for my returning here in two years (if it makes sense at all).

I guess my point is, you never know where your life would take you. Although I never anticipated it, I am now glad that I now have two spiritual homes in Indonesia and Australia. Like Longbourn to Lizzy, Indonesia will always be my first home. But I have found my own little ‘Pemberley’ in Australia which I call home, and I want to return back here soon.

Did you ever flinch at the idea of leaving your hometown or a place you love the most, only to find your second home as you walk the path?

Pic: the 1995 Pemberley


Shannon Winslow said...

Your post reminded me of a JA quote I used for one of mine:
Any Other Place
Posted on November 24, 2010 by Shannon Winslow
“Such a fortnight as it has been!” he continued; “every day more precious and delightful than the day before! – every day making me less fit to bear any other place. Happy those, who can remain at Highbury!” (Frank Churchill, Emma, chapter 30)

Nicole MacDonald said...

...yeah I really have to leave the home *grin* I've got lots of ideas! Just the getting there at the moment :)
Re-edited vsn of The Arrival now up and just .99c for May ONLY

Linda Fern said...

I think, Icha, that I was just the opposite. I always felt as I was growing up that I was "stuck" in my small hick town and longed for the "big city". So the first chance I got when I finished college was to head for the 'big city', namely New Orleans, then New Jersey right across the river from New York City. Well, I had my fill of them and finally longed for home. Now I value my home town as I never did before.

Strange how our tastes and desires change through the years. Good observation.

And over here we are celebrating "Mother's Day", so Happy Mother's Day to all our readers.

Yrs aff'ly.
Linda the Librarian

Icha said...

OMG! I SO forgot to find a quote for Mother's Day! So sorry! I do remember (of course) that it was Mother's Day yesterday, but I totally forgot to use that occasion!

Happy Mother's Day Linda and all beautiful women out there... and let's celebrate our feminine energy within here...

Icha said...

Shannon, thanks a lot for the additional quote. I forgot abt the Highbury quote! But I was holding PP, and that was the quote that popped out for me.

Nicole, all the best for leaving home, if that's your heart's desire.