Sunday, 29 May 2011

Jane Austen Quote Week 153

This week's quote is taken from Jane Austen's letter #22 (25 October 1800), written to Cassandra from Steventon:

The weather does not know how to be otherwise than fine.

Oh how I hope it shall be true for our friends in Midwestern USA where our dearest Linda lives. The weather there has been very terrible and it even cost life. Linda's town and her good self seem to be alright, but of course it is sad indeed to see the terrible news from that region, and from all around the world too (Iceland, for example).

I hope that we humans are wiser now and shall be more friendly towards our planet. I do believe that if we take care of the Earth, the Earth shall take care of us.

Picture: Emma (Romola Garai) in her umbrella


Rachel said...

I agree Icha, let our thoughts be with all the people suffering at this time.

Sadly there are not enough people who understand our relationship with nature, I also believe that it has to be a two-way mutual respect.

Thanks for the quote.

Linda Fern said...

Icha and Rachel, you are both so correct. It always amazes me how the world never really changes, as evidenced by our quotes from our dear Jane. She wrote and experienced a lot in her day and age.

Yrs aff'ly,
Linda the Librarian