Monday, 14 February 2011

And some love for Jane's brother George...

I have been meaning to post this one, but I kept forgetting it. Last January, Jane Austen Centre of UK adopted one of our old articles about George Austen (Jane's brother, not her father), the deaf in the family. Laura of the JA Centre expanded it by adding a lovely letter from Jane that depicted her ability to use sign language. The letter is below, and the link to George in JA Centre is here.

"We spent Friday evening with our friends at the boarding-house, and our curiosity was gratified by the sight of their fellow-inmates, Mrs. Drew and Miss Hook, Mr. Wynne and Mr. Fitzhugh; the latter is brother to Mrs. Lance, and very much the gentleman. He has lived in that house more than twenty years, and, poor man! is so totally deaf that they say he could not hear a cannon, were it fired close to him; having no cannon at hand to make the experiment, I took it for granted, and talked to him a little with my fingers, which was funny enough. I recommended him to read Corinna." ~Jane Austen to Cassandra, December 27, 1808

Thanks so much Laura for thinking of George too. He is usually rather forgotten, and it's nice to give love to someone like that.

Pic: Jane (Anne Hathaway) and George (Philip Culhane) from Becoming Jane the movie

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