Sunday, 29 August 2010

Jane Austen Quote of the Week 123

My apologies for the rather late installment for this week's quote. I originally wanted to pull something from the Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy, but after contemplating, I chose another quote from Emma, chapter 21 when Mr Woodhouse was contemplating the pleasant evening they just had.

"I hope every body had a pleasant evening," said Mr. Woodhouse, in his quiet way. "I had. Once, I felt the fire rather too much; but then I moved back my chair a little, a very little, and it did not disturb me. Miss Bates was very chatty and good-humoured, as she always is, though she speaks rather too quick. However, she is very agreeable, and Mrs. Bates too, in a different way. I like old friends; and Miss Jane Fairfax is a very pretty sort of young lady, a very pretty and a very well-behaved young lady indeed. She must have found the evening agreeable, Mr. Knightley, because she had Emma."

"True, sir; and Emma, because she had Miss Fairfax."

Emma saw his anxiety, and wishing to appease it, at least for the present, said, and with a sincerity which no one could question --

"She is a sort of elegant creature that one cannot keep one's eyes from. I am always watching her to admire; and I do pity her from my heart."

We all know that Emma is jealous of Jane Fairfax, and perhaps for a good reason for everyone always loves to talk about Jane's merits. Being a rather spoiled (but actually golden-hearted) girl, Emma forgets that everyone has his/her own merits. 'Just' because everyone is praising Jane Fairfax, doesn't mean that she has nothing to be proud of. If anything, Emma's desire to mend the fences after insulting Miss Bates is something of a good quality for her. Also her willingness to (eventually) listen to Mr Knightley (albeit grudgingly). Emma's tremendous care and love for her father is something that caught my attention as well.

I guess what I want to say is, there was a reason for me picking this quote too. I have a tendency to compare myself with others, and unwillingly get jealous of him/her. I am now trying to learn to admit other's positive characteristics and talents... while at the same time also try to understand that I also have good things that I can contribute to others. For everyone is unique and has his/her own place in this world.

Does it make sense? I hope it makes sense...

Pic: 2009 Jane Fairfax and Emma Woodhouse (Romola Garai)

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Rachel said...

It does make sense. A lesson for us all! Thanks Icha.